• 1880


    1888, traditional Turrón de Jijona. Made with premium quality ingredients. Contains: sugar, glucose syrup, toasted almonds, emulsifier and egg whites. Gluten-free product.

  • 5fanecades


    5fanecades, company of Valencian origin, dedicated to the production of handmade liquors. They offer rice cream, milk, tiger nut, nougat, almond, banana, strawberry, violet and meringue milk liqueurs.

  • 69 brosses

    69 brosses

    69 brosses, Spanish firm of premium drinks and homemade liqueurs. We have high quality Valencian gin and vermouth.

  • Anian Cosmetics
  • Arabo café
  • Aristea


    Aristea, Italian single-use item company. Perfect for vending, dispensing and catering. Leading brand in products intended for one-time use. 100% recyclable.



    Azaconsa, brand founded in 1870, is dedicated to the production and packaging of food. They offer sweeteners such as sweetener, saccharine and sugar, and others as various soluble and teas from all continents.

  • Ballantine's


    Ballantine's, the world's most sought-after Scotch whisky. Golden in colour and with an unbeatable taste. The alcohol content is 40%. Bottle of 70 cl. Old ingredients, matured in oak barrels.



    Barco, special coffee. Portuguese coffee company. Perfect for restaurants, hotels and your home. We offer you soluble, ground, grain and decaffeinated coffee.

  • Bayme Coffee

    Bayme Coffee

    Bayme Coffee, Spanish brand specialized in coffee packaging, for capsules compatible with Nespresso coffee machine.

  • Bergner


    Bergner, Spanish manufacturer of kitchenware. The favourite accessory of our online page is the teapots. 

  • Bicafé


    Bicafé, Portuguese coffee company. 100% compostable capsules of chocolate, cappuccino, coffee with milk, espresso, cut and decaffeinated. Also, from the BIO range, biological and ecological products.

  • Bodega Classica

    Bodega Classica

    Bodega Classica, Rioja Group. Experts in recreating the aroma and taste of traditional wine. Perfect for the most demanding palates. Supreme quality.

  • Bodegas Antonio Arráez

    Bodegas Antonio Arráez

    Bodegas Antonio Arráez, family dedicated to wine growing for more than 70 years, is trying to recover the native varieties. We have signature wines and Valencian wines, all of great quality.

  • Bodegas Lagunilla

    Bodegas Lagunilla

    Bodegas Lagunilla, winemaking company in La Rioja Alta. Originating in 1885, they have produced the best Reserves and Crianzas from their own harvests. Recognised brand of wine and quality. 



    Bombay Shappire, London Dry Gin. Premium gin company, founded in 1987 in England. Currently, it belongs to the Bacardi group.

  • Bombay Shappire
  • Bonka


    Bonka, the firm belongs to Nestle. They have a wide range of coffee beans, ground and in capsules for Dolce Gusto coffee machines.



    Bosch, a well-known brand of household appliances. German company, unique manufacturer of Tassimo coffee machines and machines with home connect technology. Bosch appliances are among the most demanded in Europe.

  • BWT


    BWT, Best Water Technology. Products for water maintenance. Leading European brand, in water treatment systems. With more than 3,800 employees. 



    Cacaolat, is the first industrial shake in the world. Since 1933 the original recipe has been maintained with cocoa and milk. The milkshake comes in the form of glass bottles or tetra bricks, both of which are recyclable.



    Cadbury, multinational company dedicated to chocolate in bars and bars format. Flavors of nuts, strawberry, milk chocolate, white, black, almond, caramel and many more.

  • Café Civit

    Café Civit

    Café Civit, ready-to-drink coffee-based drinks. Packet format of 250 cl of espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. In addition to roasted coffee, sugar and decaffeinated.

  • Café Jurado

    Café Jurado

    Café Jurado, brand of coffee and infusions, made with natural and organic blends. The aroma of several countries, in a delicious coffee. The best ingredients combined, to elaborate a wonderful tea.

  • Café ReKe

    Café ReKe

    Café Reke, Spanish coffee brand, founded in 1968. They produce coffee for home and for hotel and catering industry, as well as coffee capsules and coffee machines. We have ground coffee, soluble coffee and coffee beans.



    Café Royal, Swiss coffee firm since 1954. They manufacture coffee beans and capsules compatible with Nespresso Original, Nespresso Professional and Dolce Gusto. All their coffees are UTZ CERTIFIED. Quality assured.

  • Cafés Marcilla

    Cafés Marcilla

    Café Marcilla, coffee brand founded in 1907. Coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso Original, Dolce Gusto and Tassimo. Belongs to JDE. We have cut, espresso and milk coffee to choose from. Always with the best prices.

  • Cafes Oquendo

    Cafes Oquendo

    Cafés Oquendo, Asturian brand with more than 30 years in the coffee industry. Ideal for the food and catering sector. They produce, package and distribute their own coffee.

  • Caffenú


    Caffenu, capsules that decalcify, clean and disinfect your Nespresso Original coffee machine. 

  • Caffitaly


    Caffitaly System, Italian coffee brand. They produce capsules that store a large amount of coffee inside, thanks to this they cause a great explosion of flavor. Wide range of intensities and aromas, as well as delicious infusions.

  • Caprimo


    Caprimo, coffee, chocolate and cappuccinos in different tastes such as hazelnut, Irish coffee, vanilla, green cocoa and instant cocoa powder. All of them in 1 kg formats.

  • Carajillo 3 Colores Premium

    Carajillo 3 Colores Premium

    Carajillo 3 Colors Premium, burnt of Whisky, Rum and Brandy. Made with sugar, cinnamon, lemon and a touch of orange. Perfect for the most select consumers. Bottle 70 cl.



    Carmeleta, orange liqueurs and Valencian vermouths. They produce liqueurs without adding water, only grape juice, orange and unique roots. Citrus and sweet flavors create a perfect harmony, orange blossom aroma. The Mediterranean culture inside Carmeleta bottles.



    Caso Design, German company recognized worldwide. Dedicated to production of articles for home. Excellent quality and best price.



    CATUNAMBÚ, Andalusian brand of gourmet coffee since 1897. It offers coffee beans, ground and in capsules compatible with Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. It also has iced coffee and soluble cocoa.



    Cecotec, produce and have robots for the home. Intelligent domestic appliances from Valencia. 

  • Central Lechera ASTURIANA

    Central Lechera ASTURIANA

    Central Lechera Asturiana, milk and dairy products, Spanish brand founded in 1982. All its articles are of quality, natural and without preservatives or artificial colourings.

  • Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy

    Chips Ahoy, chocolate chip cookies, originated in 1963. They belong to the Mondelez group. Made with the best ingredients, milk, cocoa, flour, sugar and small pieces of chocolate.

  • Chiquilín


    Chiquilin, Spanish company founded in 1909, of herbs, spices and condiments. Perfect complements to add aroma and flavour to any recipe. They also make tea and infusions.

  • Churruca
  • Citadelle GIN

    Citadelle GIN

    Citadelle Gin, traditional French gin. Exclusive gin, distilled by hand, with 19 types of flowering plants, 100% natural. Ideal for drinking with tonic and lemon peel shavings.

  • Coca-Cola


    Coca-Cola, famous soda pop. Perfect for restaurants and vending machines. Unique soft drink for its taste, with which to spend small and big moments.

  • Compañia Europea del cacao S.L.

    Compañia Europea del cacao S.L.

    Cacao La Palata, chocolate production company. They offer us soluble cocoa, with a great variety of flavours. Hot chocolate.



    Coreysa, traditional extra virgin olive oil company, founded in 1917, and since then, dedicated to producing the best flavor for your kitchen.



    Cuban, coffee company, from the best crops. Its specialty is ground coffee, with tasty blends and intense aroma that will conquer your palate. Packs of 250 gr.



    Cuétara, traditional cookies since 1935. More than 80 years producing sweets and cereals. Some of its brands are Tostarrica, Oceanix, Flakes and Campurrianas.

  • Cuida Té, by Expressate

    Cuida Té, by Expressate

    Cuida Tea, by Expressate. Tea infusions in capsules compatible with Nespresso Original and Dolce Gusto.

  • Cutty Sark

    Cutty Sark

    Cutty Sark, Scottish whisky company, famous on all continents since 1923. It was named after the Scottish sailboat Cutty Sark. Traditional distillate of premium quality.

  • CVNE


    CVNE Wineries. Recognized wine company in La Rioja. Originally from 1879, managed by the same family, after 5 generations. Original Cune wine.



    Delaviuda Confectionery, traditional recipes with the same quality as always. Little pleasures to sweeten your palate.

  • DeLonghi


    DeLonghi, electric coffee makers, kitchen robots and home appliances. Wide range of automatic coffee machines for coffee capsules. It's getting easier and easier to drink coffee.

  • DELTA cafés

    DELTA cafés

    DELTA, Portuguese brand of coffee. Perfect for the hospitality industry and with a premium section for your home. It has soluble coffee and ground coffee, of various intensities and flavors. 

  • Delta Q

    Delta Q

    Delta Q, perfeQtly espresso. Portuguese coffee from 1961. They produce coffee capsules for QOOL EVOLUTION coffee machines. Great variety of tastes and intensities.

  • Deltea
  • Destilerias Ferri
  • Dolce Gusto

    Dolce Gusto

    Dolce Gusto, original Nestlé coffee capsules. They have transformed the coffee industry by developing innovative intensities and tastes. The entire line of Nescafé capsules in our catalogue, at the best price. 

  • Domus espresso

    Domus espresso

    DOMUS ESPRESSO, Portuguese traditional coffee company. Dedicated to production capsules, compatible with Dolce Gusto coffee machines.

  • Don Hierro DHO

    Don Hierro DHO

    Don Hierro & DHO, company dedicated to home furnishing industry. We have furniture and articles for the kitchen, such as capsule holders and coffee machines.

  • Don Luigi

    Don Luigi

    Don Luigi, Spanish coffee capsules, Café Reke brand. They specialize in coffee for restaurants. Wide range of ground, soluble and beaned coffee. Capsules compatible with Nespresso Original.



    DULCESOL, founded in Spain in 1952, is a leader in pastries and cakes. They produce high quality food products, for the enjoyment of the whole family.

  • Durgol


    Durgol, products for the maintenance of coffee machines It helps and prevents the formation of lime inside. We can find anti-lime in tablet or liquid format. 

  • Ecrémé


    Ecrémé, powdered skimmed milk, 500 gram sachets of instant preparation.



    El Almendro, traditional nougat. The brand offers us the classic soft and hard turrones, as well as the new crunchy bites and turron, caramel and chocolate sticks.

  • El Coto

    El Coto

    El Coto, group of wineries. Wines from the best vineyards in La Rioja. Its first harvest was in 1970. Traditional and perfect wines to share with your loved ones.

  • El Criollo

    El Criollo

    El Criollo, Spanish firm dedicated, for more than 100 years, to the world of coffee. Perfect for hotels and restaurants. They offer 100% natural ground coffee and coffee capsules for the Nespresso system. 

  • El Meridiano

    El Meridiano

    El meridiano, coffee beans from Colombia. It releases an intense aroma that will invade even the most hidden corner of your home. Packs of 1 kg. 

  • Elefante Rosa

    Elefante Rosa

    Baked and fried Pink Elephant. Family company, expert in top quality salty snacks. Recognized worldwide, thanks to the Pink Elephant.



    Ferrero Rocher, Italian chocolate company, covered with crunchy chocolate and filled with hazelnut cream. They differ from other chocolates by their spherical shape and their characteristic golden paper wrapping.

  • Fini


    Fini Golosinas, brand of sweets, with more than 40 years in the candy industry. We have candies, marshmallow, gum, jellies, liquorice and jelly. Taste every moment with Fini.

  • Fisherman's Friend

    Fisherman's Friend

    Fisherman's Friend, British menthol candy company, since 1979. Intense and refreshing candies that clear your mind and your throat. Sugar-free.



    Fontaneda, cookies since 1881. Their most renowned product is the Maria biscuits, although they also make innovative products such as dark chocolate, digestive and salty biscuits.

  • Frit ravich


    GIMOKA, Italian coffee capsule company, compatible with Nespresso Professional and Dolce Gusto. We have any intensity and taste of the brand, to enjoy a rich coffee.



    GIN MARE. The first gin made with Mediterranean techniques. Aroma and taste of summer, bottled in a 70 cl bottle. Elaborated in an artisan way and a lot of affection.

  • Goplana


    Goplana, candy company since 1912, ideal for the sweetest palates. Novel milk chocolate, white, black and caramel chocolates.

  • Graphic Corner

    Graphic Corner

    Graphic Corner offers a wide variety of quality posters, available in paper and other formats.

  • Green Cola

    Green Cola

    Green Cola, natural stevia drink. It comes from a plant, and contains no sugars or calories. It was born in Greece and is known on all continents. 100% unique taste.

  • Gullón


    Gullón. Sweet, salty and sugar-free cookies on our website. We have vanilla, caramel, oatmeal, chocolate, organic, bio and many more flavors.



    HALLS, refreshing candies. All kinds of tastes such as honey, eucalyptus, liquorice and mint for the consumer to choose from. Perfect for soothing coughs and sweetening your mouth.

  • Haribo
  • Herbes l'alcoià

    Herbes l'alcoià

    Herbes l'Alcoià, Spanish infusions, 100% natural and mountain aromas. We have fennel, thyme, sage, herbal and many more in our online catalogue. 

  • Hero


    Hero, recognized brand since 1886, dedicated to the food sector. Great variety of articles 100% natural and of high quality, wonderful flavor and very healthy. 

  • Home Basic

    Home Basic

    Home Basic, articles for the house. 



    Hornimans, classic tea company, founded in 1826. Quality assured, thanks to the qualities of the plants and their 100% natural production. 

  • Huhtamaki


    Huhtamaki, Spanish company dedicated to food packaging. Specialists in facilitating and improving the customer experience. Fast service for the hotel and catering industry throughout Europe.

  • illy


    illy, since 1933 have been dedicated to espresso coffee, in addition to coffee beans, iperspresso and other derivatives. They have capsules compatible with Nespresso, originating from Guatemala, Ethiopia, Colombia and Brazil.

  • Intraplás


    Intraplas, Portuguese company of plastic items such as cups, plates and spoons. Perfect for the vending industry, dispensing or for your home. Premium quality.

  • Italian Coffee

    Italian Coffee

    Italian Coffee, Italian firm dedicated to coffee since 1996. It produces capsules compatible with Nespresso Original and LavAzza. Tasty and aromatic coffee.

  • J&B


    J&B. Scotch whisky company, acclaimed on all continents since 1749. It's one of the three best-selling spirits. They offer high quality wines and distillates.



    Jacobs, German company founded in 1895, dedicated to production of ground coffee, soluble coffee, chocolates and food products. In addition, they manufacture coffee capsules, for Tassimo coffee machines.

  • Jacobsens


    Jacobsens of Denmark. Traditional brand of the original butter cookies.

  • K-FEE


    K-FEE System, German coffee brand. They get the best quality of the product, thanks to working with the best ingredients to elaborate coffee and with the best coffee machines in the market.



    Kenco, JDE's coffee firm. We offer soluble, roasted and ground coffee. Besides Kenko coffee in capsules for Tassimo coffee machines.

  • Kinder


    Kinder, candy bars since 1968. Chocolate bars, filled with hazelnut cream. Unique items for special moments. 

  • King Regal

    King Regal

    King Regal, brand of chocolates, candies, nuts and many more. We invite you to try all the variety of products made to satisfy the most peculiar tastes.

  • kiwi


    kiwi, firm of household appliances and kitchenware. Smart little kiwi appliances. We have the best quality/price ratio online.

  • Krups


    Krups, German automatic coffee machines, for Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules. Excellent electric coffee machines, best quality and price on our website.

  • L'Or


    L'Or, coffee capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original. Every L'Or espresso is a unique moment. We offer the full range of flavours, so you can choose from many.

  • La lechera

    La lechera

    La Lechera de Nestlé, condensed milk company since 1910. With it you can make wonderful recipes and desserts, or add a sweet touch to your coffee.

  • Landessa


    Landessa, new cold espresso, cappuccino and latte macchiato. 230 ml pack format, to be drunk wherever and whenever. Iced coffee ready to drink.

  • Lanjarón


    Lanjaron, mineral water from the Sierra Nevada, with more than 200 years of purity. It belongs to the Danone group. Ideal to hydrate your body, quality and health guarantee.

  • Laqtia


    Laqtia, special products for vending and dispensing. Its main objective is to supply high quality food. We have in stock soluble and freeze-dried coffee, coffee beans, cocoa, milk powder, teas and dairy products.

  • LavAzza


    LavAzza, Italian brand of coffee capsules compatible with the Nespresso system. Founded in 1895, they work for positive and sustainable global development. They also help children at Save The Children.

  • Lindt


    Lindt, master chocolatiers since 1845. Swiss company, specialist in premium quality chocolates and bonbons.



    Magic Box Int. Toys, Catalan company, creator of signatures and collectible toys. In Magic Box they manage to awaken the trends in games for children. 

  • Mars


    Mars, candy bars and caramel. The first ones were made in 1932 in the UK, and today, they are still as tasty. Chocolate snacks, caramel, milk, milkshakes, minis and many more.



    Martin Miller's Gin. Premium distillates, produced with the best ingredients and the purest water in Iceland. It is then distilled several times, until it reaches a perfect harmony. 

  • Matutano


    Matutano, the first salty snack brand, founded in 1965 in Barcelona. It currently belongs to Frito Lay. We offer crunchy snacks and chips.

  • Melgra
  • MG Destilerias

    MG Destilerias

    MG Distilleries, a company dedicated to traditional liquors and beverages, first to produce Spanish gin and premium quality distillates.



    Miel Ferrando, natural and Spanish honeys. Wide range of thyme, orange blossom, rosemary and eucalyptus flavours, and different formats of honey, royal jelly and pollen.

  • Milka


    Milka, chocolates and cookies. We have in stock Oreo with Milka chocolate, 300 gr. tablets with Tuc cookies, Milka Leo, Choco Wafers and chocolate sheets to accompany Milka Naps coffee.



    MINIMOKA, manual coffee makers for ground coffee. Discreet and easy to use, with around 16 bars, a steamer and the possibility of making one or more coffees at the same time. Great quality and better price.

  • Mogort


    Mogorttini, coffee & pods. Valencian company, dedicated to coffee. Capsularium has just launched its own brand of coffee capsules, Mogorttini, compatible with Nespresso Original and Professional. It also offers coffee beans, green coffee and various accessories.

  • Mondelez Europe GmbH

    Mondelez Europe GmbH

    Mondelez Europe GmbH, Mondelez International Inc. specialized in the food sector. They have more than 100,000 workers, and offer companies such as Oreo, Milka, Tuc, Toblerone, Suchard, Halls, Trident, Belvita and Chips Ahoy.

  • Monix
  • Monster


    Monster Energy, energy drink. It helps to restore strength, and prevents or alleviates fatigue and lack of sleep. Great variety of tastes and aromas to choose from.

  • Montecelio


    Montecelio, coffee, tea, infusions and soluble chocolate. In addition to iced coffees and ice tea. Healthy and beneficial drinks. Capsule format, bags, pyramid or packs, according to the client's taste.



    Moulinex, small appliances. Household items such as coffee makers, home grinders, vacuum cleaners and many more. Home care and cleaning is becoming increasingly easy with Moulinex.

  • MSY


    MSY Technology, computer company, more than 20 years in the technology industry.

  • Natreen


    Natreen, brand of sugar, sweeteners and stevia. In our catalogue, we offer tablet, liquid, sachet or pill format.

  • Nespresso


    Nespresso, Swiss multinational. We offer the full range of Original and Professional coffee capsules. Wide range of aromas and flavours.

  • Nestlé


    Nestle, a Swiss food multinational, founded in 1866. Prestigious brand, with more than 100 years in Spain. It produces a wide variety of food products.



    Nordes, Spanish gin, called Nordés by a typical Galician wind. Alcoholic drink, made from white grapes and wild botanicals. The taste of the North, in a 70 cl bottle.

  • NPG


    NPG, Android Smart TVs.



    Official Tea, Swiss tea capsule company. Perfect for the hotel and catering industry. Tea capsules, compatible with Nespresso Original and Nespresso Professional.

  • Orbegozo


    Orbegozo, Spanish company of household appliances. We have the best offers and news you can find. Premium quality and best price.

  • Oreo


    Oreo, world famous sandwich biscuits, are part of Mondelez International. Circular cocoa cookies, filled with a soft cream, waiting to be devoured.



    ORIGIN & PLANET, 100% organic, compostable and ecological coffee capsules. Compatible with the Nespresso and Dolce Gusto system.

  • Origen Sensations

    Origen Sensations

    origen & sensations, coffee capsules compatible with Nespresso Original and Dolce Gusto. They also make coffee items with a taste of hazelnut, chocolate and berries.



    Orxujo Setabense. Manufacturer of Valencian liquors and eaux-de-vie. All its production is handmade and traditional. 

  • Osborne


    Osborne, traditional Spanish winery. Expert, since 1772, in wines, liquors and pork products, such as ham. Recognized brand of La Rioja, for its Sherry and Brandy.

  • Pascual


    Pascual, Spanish firm that produces milk, yoghurt, juice, mineral water, liquid eggs and soy drinks. In addition, of milk tubs, to add to the coffee and to prepare rich cuts.

  • Philips


    Philips, brand founded in the Netherlands in 1891 Leading technology company in the world. Dedicated to the electronics and automation industry. We have intelligent coffee machines and their anti-limescale. 



    Pickwick Tea, tea and infusions since 1753. The brand belongs to the Dutch group JDE. More than 250 years producing premium quality tea and infusions.

  • PICÓ


    Turrones Picó, company from Alicante, dedicated for more than 70 years to making sweets in a traditional way. Authentic nougat from Jijona. Premium quality.



    PLANTATION RUM, rums from the best harvests in the Caribbean. With its own personality and characteristic flavour, for the most demanding palates. Artisanal alcoholic drinks, sent to France for their maturation.

  • Pompadour


    Pompadour, infusions since 1913. A world-renowned company, it offers products such as the fat-burning line and anti-inflammatory infusions. All 100% natural, and respecting the environment.

  • Puerto de Indias

    Puerto de Indias

    Puerto de Indias, gin from Seville. Made with premium quality ingredients. Available Gin Strawberry, Gin Classic, Gin Dry and Gin Guadalquivir, with orange and peach flavor. 

  • Punto Gofre

    Punto Gofre

    Punto Gofre, signature chocolate waffles ready to eat. Delicious bites that melt in your mouth, ready to eat anywhere and anytime, excellent quality. 

  • Qualery


    Qualery, vending culture. Company dedicated to the development, distribution and trade of coffee. Ideal for vending, dispensing and catering. Many formats and flavours to choose from.

  • Quetta Caffes

    Quetta Caffes

    Quetta Caffes, cold drink company, ready to drink where, how and when. Espresso, latte macchiato, cappuccino, frappelatte, vanilla, choco and orange mocha.

  • Quttin


    Quttin, Spanish kitchenware group, for the care of the kitchen. Perfect products to have a nice tea or coffee, in an easy and simple way.

  • Rodeo


    Rodeo, energy drink with stimulant substances. It helps to replenish strength, and prevents or alleviates fatigue and lack of sleep. Great variety of tastes and aromas.

  • Rosée


    Gin Rosée, strawberry-flavored gin. Perfect for making exclusive cocktails. We offer gin, vodka, rum and many more original liqueurs.

  • Rowenta


    Rowenta, smart appliances since 1909. Innovation for your home. They have products for laundry care, home cleaning or cooking. High technology and premium quality.

  • Saeco


    Saeco, anti-lime for electric coffee machines. With Saeco water softeners, you will extend the life of your coffee machine. We have liquid or tablet format.

  • Sagres
  • Saimaza


    Saimaza is a company from Seville dedicated to the world of coffee. The brand offers us soluble coffee, in beans, capsules for Tassimo, Nespresso and Dolce Gusto. The firm belongs to the JDE company.

  • San Ignacio

    San Ignacio

    San Ignacio, Italian brand of small appliances for your home. Smart coffee machines and appliances at the best price on our website.

  • San Miguel

    San Miguel

    San Miguel, Spanish beers, since 1885. Unique for its quality and innovative products, made by hand. Ideal for drinking cold. Cans of 330 ml.



    SCANPART. The main disadvantage of coffee machines is the formation of lime. The brand helps us to prevent this with decalcifiers, suitable for use with food. The final result is amazing. They are available in liquid or in tablet form. 

  • Ship


    SHIP Sweeteners, belongs to Azaconsa. Wide range of liquid, granulated and tablet sweeteners. They also produce stevia, 100% natural and ideal for diabetics. Excellent taste and very healthy.

  • SIERR ANORTE bodega

    SIERR ANORTE bodega

    SIERRA NORTE, Spanish family winery, of premium quality wines. Produced in a traditional way and coming from very well cared for vineyards. We have young, organic, cask and very special wines. 



    SNICKERS, chocolate bars from the Mars company. Crunchy chocolate bars, filled with nougat, caramel and peanut cream. Leader in the Spanish food industry.



    Solac, Spanish home appliance company. It manufactures intelligent appliances for personal care, household cleaning and cooking. It belongs to the Cegasa Group. The best quality/price ratio.

  • St. Remio


    Starbucks. American hot and cold coffee multinational. Besides the classic espresso, coffee with milk and stained, or frappuccinos and cappuccinos.

  • Stracto


    Stracto, Caffitaly coffee capsules. One of the positive aspects is the way of extraction and the amount of coffee stored inside. The final effect is a magnificent coffee.  

  • Studio Design

    Studio Design

    Studio Design, offers us a very varied range, from ready-to-wear collections to contemporary objects. The brand has been innovating since its creation in 2012.

  • Suchard


    Suchard, brand of chocolates since 1826. They make crunchy bars of dark, white and milk chocolate. 

  • Tassimo


    Tassimo, brand of drinks and coffee capsules. Often associated with L'Or, Marcilla, Suchard, Oreo, Milka, Baileys and Cadbury. We have coffee with milk, decaffeinated, cut and alone. In addition to the Tassimo machines from Bosch.



    Taurus, small household appliances. Kitchen accessories, heating and personal care. In our catalogue we have manual and filter Taurus coffee machines.

  • Terry


    Terry Centenario, traditionally made alcoholic drink, in oak barrels and mixed with sherry. Intense aroma and taste. Perfect for drinking alone.

  • Tiziano Bonini

    Tiziano Bonini

    Caffè Tiziano Bonini, Italian coffee capsules, compatible with all coffee maker systems Ideal for restaurants and hotels. 

  • Toblerone


    Toblerone, Swiss chocolate brand, originated in 1908. It is made with quality ingredients. There are white, dark, milk and hazelnut chocolate Toblerone in Mini format. It is distinguished from other chocolates by its triangular shape.

  • Toro Loco
  • Tosfrit Aperitivos


    TRAPA, premium quality chocolates since 1981, more than 125 years of experience We have traditional chocolates, chocolate bars, nougat, various solubles, bars and chocolates.

  • Tre Venezie

    Tre Venezie

    Tre Venezie, Italian coffee capsules, for Stracto Caffitaly coffee machines. We offer many flavors to choose from. The large capacity of the capsules and their emptying, enhance the excellent taste of the coffee.

  • Trident


    Trident, gum brand since 1964. It belongs to Mondelez International. Mint, strawberry and mixed fruit flavours. Lasting explosion of flavor, in addition to strengthening, whitening and cleaning teeth. Now without sugar.



    Trina without bubbles, orange flavoured soda. Pack format of 24 cans of 330 ml. Each can contains the squeezed juice of three excellent oranges.

  • Trolli


    Trolli, Spanish manufacturers of sweets. They have all kinds of new flavours. A wide range of sweets created for the whole family.

  • TUC


    TUC, crunchy crackers. Ideal for snacking between meals. On our website, we have a wide range of flavours.



    Twinings Tea of London. Recognized brand of teas and infusions, founded 1706 in UK. Café Tassimo, has Twinings tea capsules, compatible with Tassimo coffee machines.

  • TWIX


    Twix, Mars group chocolates. Crunchy chocolate bars, made with cookies dipped in milk chocolate and filled with caramel. Delicious snacks for any time of the day.

  • Valor


    Valor, Spanish signature of chocolate a la taza, chocolate bars, chocolates and pastries. They have traditional and newer products, all of them of high quality.

  • Vendin S.L.

    Vendin S.L.

    Vendin S.L. Production and distribution of vending items. We have milk, toppings, chocolates, cappuccinos, teas, coffees and many more. 

  • Vending Mogort s.l.

    Vending Mogort s.l.

    Vending Mogort. Company dedicated to the Vending. Founded in 1992, in Valencia. We have unbranded items or items made for our business.

  • Vermeiren


    Vermeiren, handmade cookies, perfect to accompany coffee since 1919. They make the crunchy Vermeiren Speculoos, with a delicious touch of cinnamon. Individual format.



    Xiaomi, world-renowned technology firm. Available smart phones, tables, laptops, PCs and many others.

  • Zeus


    Zeus, specialty brand. Wide variety of cups, lids, stirrers and spoons. Any kind of product needed to drink coffee.